How long a DUI conviction appears on your record in California?

A conviction for driving drunk can have devastating consequences until much after serving your sentence. California law considers the DUI as criminal offense, meaning that you will have a criminal record. Future employers, schools and homeowners who perform background checks have access to that sentence. Therefore, many people often are eager to get out of […]

Houston DUI Attorney

Even if driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime in many US states many people have become victims. As a result, they have had to face the law for DUI as a criminal offense. Besides being charged with DUI, you can also be charged for other charges. This requires you to find a […]


A DUI conviction in Tennessee can restrict your license and show up on your driving record, which increases the cost of your insurance. It can also lead to prison, fines, difficulty finding employment in the future, and the restrictions on travel to places like Canada that charge DUI as a felony. Once out of a […]

DUI – how much will it cost a DUI in Utah fines ?

Many people know the costs of DUI. The cost of a first offense is used to dissuade a future foul is committed. Most likely you have seen ads on taxis that say: “The taxi fare is cheaper than a DUI,” and it certainly is. Over the years we see different advertising campaigns that claim that […]


The defense against DWI charges The driving while intoxicated is a sadly common mistake that can put people in serious problem – people who have never had a problem with the law. A brief lapse in judgment caused by too many drinks can have seriously detrimental consequences to long term. The law enforcement vigorously pursue […]

DUI under 21

DUI UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE Anyone younger than 21 years of age who has been cited for driving under the influence faces special and particularly harsh penalties. As with any instance of DUI, there are two sets of laws and regulations for cases of driving under the influence by someone 20 years older or […]

DUI laws in Arizona

Drunk driving is very dangerous, so all states and municipalities have severe punishment in an attempt to avoid it. However, because the circumstances are not exactly the same for all drivers, there are a few different categories of drunk driving, or correctly said, “Driving under the influence of intoxication” DUI or “driving while intoxicated” DWI. […]


DUI investigations have become very common in South Florida, with more and more people have been detained and questioned with the infamous question; if a police officer or sheriff stops you and asks if you have been drinking, you know what to answer? You should take the breath alcohol test? You should run sobriety tests? […]

DUI attorney

An investigator from the Office of the State Attorney of Monroe County has been suspended after his arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated in Key West. The press reports stated that an investigator from the Office of the State Attorney of Monroe County was arrested Wednesday night for DUI, after taking reverse a vehicle […]

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Any Arizona DUI conviction can mean going to jail, possibly a felony conviction on your record. The state of Arizona is known for being proud of the toughest DUI laws in the country. Do you know your rights in Arizona? Although all the arguments of the defense of DUI in Arizona’s criminal are still different […]