Drugged driving

A percentage close to 17% of Spaniards drive with some psychoactive substance in your body, 12% of them had illegal substances, especially cannabis, cocaine or medicines that may affect driving.

The data placed Spain at the forefront of countries where it is consumed with substances illegal. Triple the figures from Italy, the Netherlands four times and five times that of Portugal.

According to the director of the Observatory of Road Safety Directorate General of Traffic (Ana Ferrero) I declare that the study carried out in Spain is more extensive and comprehensive than in the other countries, hence the figures reach be as high.

There is a difficulty to achieve combat to this problem, alcohol is easier to measure. It will be necessary to carry out a major training campaign, which made known the risks and the consequences of poor performance, in addition to the laws of the penal code that relate to the problem.

Drivers need to realize that while they believe they are perfectly able to drive, whether by relaxing substances such as marijuana or other excitement as cocaine, something as simple as a beam headlights can dazzle and have completely fatal accident.