DUI – how much will it cost a DUI in Utah fines ?

Many people know the costs of DUI. The cost of a first offense is used to dissuade a future foul is committed. Most likely you have seen ads on taxis that say: “The taxi fare is cheaper than a DUI,” and it certainly is.

Over the years we see different advertising campaigns that claim that a DUI can cost between $ 8,000 to $ 20,000.these amounts are not an exaggeration. The cost depends on many factors. Some of these factors are:

  • If Is this your first DUI, second or third offense
  • The results of the chemical test and alcoholism entry
  • If there was car accident, damage and / or injury will aggravate the offense and penalties
  • Cost of court-ordered treatment.
  • The cost of equipment for the car (Ignition Interlock).
  • The cost of test time.
  • The cost of insurance.
  • Attorney fees

First Offense DUI are less expensive than the Second and Third one

If this is your first offense DUI charge means you will have a small class B (Class B Misdemeanor). This means that can be a maximum of up to 6 months, but is seldom that a judge orders this penalty in the first DUI. It is convenient to take advice from a lawyer to appeal for you and the charges reduction.

Although jail time is not a mandatory sentence, mandatory sentences in the State of Utah for a first DUI, by law, the sentencing judge star equal period to 2 days (48 hours) in jail and / or community work. This means that the judge cannot give less to this judgment. In most cases, the judge order community work.

Minor offense Class B (Class B Misdemeanor) has a maximum fine of $ 1,000 plus additional charges. This charge can be up to 90% of the fine and can incur a total of $ 2,000. The minimum fine for an offense Lower Class B is $ 700. The most common is that judges impose a fine of $ 1,400.

There are some hidden fines that also you have to take charge. There will be a cost of $ 330 per confiscated car, which brings includes other fees and taxes. The court usually lets you make monthly payments determined by them, usually for one year period.

Second and Third Offense

The penalties are increased considerably for a second DUI. The minimum charge is $ 800, which will be $ 1,600 in full after additional charges. The minimum jail is 10 days and the odd time will judge community service. In the event that the judge will choose community service, this will be 240 hours for a period of 12 months, which means 9 1/2 hours a week in every week.

In Utah, one third DUI is a serious crime (Felony), which brings a penal add up to 5 years in prison. This is big expense financier raiment, social, etc. If you made your third DUI offense are impressing inedible and you should get a lawyer to represent you. Even if you think you can win the case, a lawyer has the experience and knowledge of the DUI laws and knows things you do not know. At least you can advocate for you to drop the charge of Felony to a Class A (Class A Misdemeanor), which has not increased over 12 months in jail and a fine of $ 2,500.

 Breathalyzer and chemicals results

One of the first things that lawyers, prosecutors, and judges want to know about a DUI case is the Total % of alcohol that had the offender. The higher the alcohol concentration, the greater the disco ceded driver to handle; important note is that it is not a crime in the State of Utah drinking alcohol and operating a vehicle. It is a crime only if the level of alcohol consumed does not allow you to operate a vehicle.

This brings a dispute that can be used to your advantage as the limit should be 08% alcohols, but some people have more tolerance for alcohol. There are people who can successfully operate a vehicle having .08% alcohol. There are many ways to challenge the results, and in many cases it has been found that the machines were not calibrated correctly. In recumbent, the less your level of alcohol will be greater possibility that the charges are reduced. The judge may reduce the sentence to Impaired Driving which is less than a DUI.