Oratory, essential requirement in a lawyer

One of the skills that a lawyer must have when practicing his profession is public speaking, a demonstration of security, leadership and training. Advocacy professionals must be able to persuade, keep quiet, listen, lead and work as a team, all qualities worthy of a good speaker.

Currently, a lawyer does not only look for legal knowledge, but also other characteristics such as empathy, accessibility and communication skills. The relationships between the contracted and the client are narrowing more and more, providing greater confidence in the services.

The new expectations have caused that the demand for oratory training is generalized in law students and also for those professionals who already practice and who intend to improve their work by offering this bonus to their clients.

It is not possible to ignore that the legal profession requires learning to communicate. In fact, the experts define the legal profession as a debate in a legal environment in which it seeks to defend arguments, with a speech that manages to convince the judge.

Oratory aims to give lawyers the necessary resources to be able to demonstrate a better capacity for expression, a richer language, with reflections at the time of arguing, and with the ability to adapt the register or security in speech. In short, it can be said that it brings strength and security to the lawyer, both in a trial and in company meetings.

Similarly, it should be noted that public speaking is also positive when it comes to winning clients, which will be decided by 80% by a lawyer whose main value is how they speak and how they express themselves.

On the other hand, oratory provides emotional intelligence, which improves communication with the client, creating an emotional relationship that allows him to trust his judgments and his talent.