Penalties for DWI in Texas

If this is your first DWI offense in Texas, it is considered to be a Class B misdemeanor you may be fined not more than $ 2,000. You could get jail Time County no less than 72 hours and no more than six months. This changes if there was an open container in your vehicle. In a case where there was an open container, you could receive jail time of no less than 6 months. If the judge must issue the service of the community, you will get no less than 24 hours and no more than 100 hours.

One the little known fact is that for most people convicted of their first offense DWI, receive probation generally for a period of one to two years. If probation is ordered, there are some general rules that are to be followed be subject:

  • The person declared guilty to a drug and alcohol assessment. If found to have a problem, terms and widespread conditions of probation through the Department Surveillance Community they will be administered
  • The convicted person is required to attend and complete a DWI education class, no more than 180 days after the date of conviction.
  • ┬áThe convicted person is required to attend and complete a Victim Impact Panel to learn how the action of driving while intoxicated impacts others.
  • It is expected that the convicted person to work every day and not break any other laws and it will remain at the same address and place of employment unless they have notified the official surveillance community. He will also be expected he / she report weekly to the Office to Monitor and pay fines and penalties and time. There can be ordered other conditions, depending on your case.

For example, they may ask you to attend alcohol treatment program like AA, pay restitution if there was an accident or you may be the court order not to consume any alcohol for the duration of probation. If this is his second offense Texas is considered a Class A misdemeanor. You can be fined no more than $ 4,000. You could get as one year in the county jail or between 80 and 200 hours of community service. Almost all persons found guilty of a second charge of using a device DWI deep lung air and can have their drivers permit not then suspended for a period 180 days or less require more than 2 years.

The third offense in Texas is a Felony severe interrogation of a prisoner. If this is your third offense, you may be fined as, but not exceeding $ 10,000. You could receive a sentence of not less than two years or as many as 10 years in a Texas Department of Corrections facility. You will receive a deep air lung device probably community service and their drivers have as authorize suspended for two years.