Skills to be a good lawyer

Ease of oral expression and command of language

It is fundamental, not only in the proceedings before the Courts, but also when dealing with clients. It is important to have deep knowledge of the subject in question and also know how to express it clearly and precisely. Anyone can learn to speak fluently with years of legal practice. However, whoever possesses this aptitude in an innate way, will have an advantage over others.


This component is fundamental for the commercialization of our work. We can be valid and reliable lawyers, but we must market our work, we must know how to sell ourselves. Self-confident, communicative and extroverted people always have greater professional success than those who are not.

Discipline and order

Continuously we must be attentive to expiration, prescriptions, unavoidable dates, etc. For this, we must know how to plan efficiently, be disciplined and orderly. Good planning allows us to do many more things in less time.

Flexibility and spontaneity

The search for alternative solutions is important. In the trial it is fundamental not to stick to the schemes we have studied. In much of the trials we must improvise, since both witnesses, experts, whistleblower, denounced etc., can change their statement in the courtroom.

Have good psychology

Sometimes we do more work of psychologists than lawyers. We must have the capacity to listen to our peers and thus be able to find a solution and adjust ourselves to the demands of the client. Some issues require that the lawyer be involved in the problem and be able to empathize. The client will appreciate it, will feel understood and will provide the confidence you are looking for in a professional.

Have a conciliatory and diplomatic nature

Fundamental to face difficult clients, or who require a humane treatment that the case requires

Being able to act in a self-sufficient way

On many occasions, we face issues that we have not seen before. We must know how to find the right information and quickly. With the emergence of the Internet and new technologies, the important thing is not knowing, but knowing where the right source of information is.