What if divorce papers are unsigned

In most states, a divorce will be granted even if only one party wants. Some people try to stall or even stop the process of divorce by refusing to sign any papers that deliver them. However, even when one party refuses to sign the divorce inevitably be adopted.

Refusal to sign

Once you have requested the divorce papers, your husband will be given a copy. You will have the chance to read them and decide if you agree with what you order or would like to make changes. However, you can choose not to divorce and therefore not signed. If you sign the papers, divorce finalized no one disputes. If you do not sign the papers, the result is that it becomes a divorce dispute.

Date of judgment

Once your husband has decided that he will not sign the papers, a trial date will be scheduled. In some states, the process goes fast and could be dated in the same month. In other states, however, the process is longer and can take several months to get date. An uncontested divorce requires much less time, if your husband just signed the papers. If you do not, your divorce will fall into the hands of a judge.


When you get your trial date, you and your husband will appear before the judge. Your husband will have the opportunity to explain why he will not sign the papers. The judge will look at all aspects of divorce, and anything in which the couple does not reach an agreement will be decided by him. It is very rare for a judge in a divorce case decides not to provide it.

I stalled

In some cases, where a party does not sign the papers, the process stagnates. If you order and your spouse does not sign, it is up to you or your attorney to continue with the divorce. While not forget any trial date, the case will be in limbo until the papers are signed or ask for a hearing. There is no statute of limitations on the divorce papers. However, if there is a scheduled trial date and no assists, the case can be dismissed.

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